Susan Mei-See Tsai's works depict vibrant florals and lush landscapes.
She is inspired by natural beauty in all forms. Her style is vivid and colorful.

Susan works in watercolor, oil and acrylic.

Susan's career as an artist came late in life. Born in China and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, she hails from humble origins amidst a violent civil war.

Her early years were focused on escaping poverty. After immigrating to the United States for education, she started a family and a career, which, while fulfilling, allowed her to only dabble in her passion for the arts. For twenty years she kept the fire alive.

Susan now pursues her calling in the arts as a full-time artist and teacher.
She exhibits her work regularly throughout Houston and has won numerous awards. She is a member of the Watercolor Art Society of Houston, the Houston Civic Art Society, the Houston Art Society and the Houston Chinese Amateur Painting Club.

Susan currently resides in Houston, Texas. Susan in China

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Susan Mei-See Tsai